For more than 30 years, College of the Mainland’s Child Development Lab School has operated as a top-quality child care option for students, employees and community members seeking an engaging learning experience for their children at an affordable price. However, due to the changing landscape of the school campus and budgetary constraints, COM administration has decided to explore new options for sustaining these services in a more cost-effective manner.

It is important to note that the academic program that necessitated the lab school was deactivated in 2016. The academic program continued to “teach-out” for a phase through August 31, 2019 for students who were already enrolled in that program.

Although closing the lab school is not the ideal option, it is a route that the college must explore. As a taxpayer-funded institution committed to upholding a high standard of fiscal stewardship, whatever decision is ultimately made, will be to the benefit of COM’s fiscal health now and in the long-term.

While the college has not yet moved to a final decision on the status of the Child Development Lab School, we are quickly moving closer in that direction. After the college reviews all of its options, the final decision on the Child Lab School is made by the President, not the Board of Trustees. This is not an action requiring board approval.

Whatever decision is ultimately made, it is our absolute top priority to extend as much advance notice as possible to those families and employees that may be affected so they can prepare for alternative employment and child care options. Should the college decide to close the lab school, that closure would not take effect until August 31, 2020.

We look forward to keeping the College of the Mainland community updated as a decision is made.