The College of the Mainland Academic Master Plan (AMP) for 2017–2020 is necessarily a draft because it is a living document that will continuously be updated with data and relevant information.

The purpose of this AMP is to:

  1. Identify strategies that help achieve our three strategic goals: Student Success, Employee Success and Facility Plans.
  2. Present an environmental scan consisting of workforce and occupational data for the Texas Gulf Coast area, input from the community, students and employees, and a summary of the identified strategies.
  3. Recommend new programs based on the information from the identified strategies and from the collected data and input.
  4. Identify the budgetary and resource implications associated with the strategies and recommended new programs.
  5. Provide an appendix for further information related to the recommended new programs.

Download 2017-2020 Academic Master Plan (PDF) Updated: January 17, 2019