Rachel Delgado, COM board member, with her family. From left, Jesse (13), Julian (15), Rachel, Jason, Isabella (18) and Judah (10).
Rachel Delgado, COM board member, with her family. From left, Jesse (13), Julian (15), Rachel, Jason, Isabella (18) and Judah (10).

Rachel Delgado, member of the board of trustees of College of the Mainland, remembers being a student at COM.

“I’ve gone through the process of enrolling and registering and finding classrooms at this college,” said Delgado.

The experience set her up for later success at Baylor University and guides her today as a board member elected to serve the community.

“I’d like to see us work as a team to create a place where everyone is focused on student success and where everyone has the tools needed,” said Delgado. “People come to us because they have a need and they want to pursue self-improvement. When we partner with them and get them where they want to go – that’s our success.”

Delgado’s children are part of that success. Isabella, who at 18 has over 60 hours of college credit, is a theatre major at COM. Along with other theatre majors she recently earned a single sword stage combat certification from the Society of American Fight Directors. Her son, Julian, 15, takes dual credit courses and plays in the Guitar Ensemble led by professor John Kiefer.

Delgado has home schooled all of her children and continues to homeschool her younger children, ages 12 and 9.

“The children keep me busy. I don’t have a lot of spare time, though I love to read history and historical fiction,” said Delgado. “I’m most proud of my children and being happily married for 18 years.”

Delgado also invests in real estate and flipping houses.

“In the beginning, it was just sweat equity. The idea was that it is a way to make money and be a full-time mom. I would take Isabella in a stroller and go to sheriffs’ sales and research homes. I enjoy looking at things that have potential and taking risks,” said Delgado.

She also enjoys watching her children begin their college education early – her 15-year-old son just completed a college algebra mini course in three weeks.

“I’m very passionate about dual credit. It’s so good for high schoolers who are dedicated and want to learn and could get lost in larger classes at universities,” said Delgado.

She also wants to see the college increase its capacity and improve the facilities for course offerings in health care, welding and other job-preparation programs.

“My dad was a welder and my mother is a physician's assistant. There’s such a demand for welders and other workers – That’s why I’m so passionate about workforce courses and allied health,” said Delgado.

She is working to see the college improve facilities soon using its robust savings.

“I love the college. I love the smell of the books in the library,” said Delgado. “The college has so much potential.”