Coral reef in East Timor
Coral reef in East Timor

Students can explore marine life, tides, oceanic models and take a field trip to the beach in College of the Mainland’s new Oceanography course (GEOL_1445).

In the course students will explore corals and shells, ocean models and microscopic life collected from ocean water. Students will examine topics from the Arctic Sea ice to beaches to barrier islands. They will explore the properties of the ocean and the life within its waves.

Oceanography is launching as a result of student interest in oceanography.

Assistant Professor of Geology John Mohr will be teaching the new course in the fall semester of 2017. Mohr has over 30 years of oil and gas industry experience that he brings to his courses in Geology, Environmental Science and now Oceanography.

“We live on the coast and are affected by availability of sea life, storms, climate change and the resulting rise in sea level, so it makes sense to teach oceanography to the students who live here,” said Mohr.

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