Debra Bauer with the 2017 COM Associate Degree Nursing Program class

A total of 66 nurses graduated this year, thanks in part to Debra Bauer’s work as a COM professor and clinical instructor.
This year she worked to create a capstone course to encapsulate all students learn in two years and to apply it to real-world situations.
“I’m passionate about teaching. I love the interaction with students and being able to get them excited about nursing,” said Bauer. “I like helping them connect the dots from school to the workplace.”
Bauer previously worked as a nurse in five states – serving as a critical care RN, emergency RN, flight RN and chief executive nurse in hospitals of the HCA hospital system and other community hospitals.
“Debra came to us with a wealth of experience in the acute care setting and nursing leadership. She was instrumental in developing our new capstone course that pairs each student with a nurse for 96 hours of intense clinical experience,” said Dr. Jere Hammer, COM director of nursing.
Working with future nurses, Bauer prepares students for the next step, which is to earn a bachelor’s degree in nursing.
“We encourage our students to purse their bachelor's in nursing, supporting the Institute of Medicine goal to have 80 percent of RNs with a bachelor’s degree by 2020,” said Bauer. “Nursing is lifelong learning.”