Amber Randall

From dramatic smokey eyes to gruesome zombies, Amber Randall can deftly sweep makeup brush to transform a client into their dream look.

“I help clients find a style they want,” said Randall. “For prom, people want a more glam look. For weddings, it’s more a natural, flawless look.”

Randall, of Texas City, is a certified cosmetologist and make up artist at Anaj Salon for special effects and special occasions.

“Right now is wedding and prom season, and Halloween is when people want special effects,” said Randall.

Randall gives clients makeup and product tips and recently taught a class at COM on makeup.

“I like educating people on makeup and their skin type and what they should use,” said Randall.

She began in the College of the Mainland Cosmetology Program while a senior at Texas City High School. There she learned about hair care, coloring, cutting and manicures and pedicures and served clients alongside instructors at the Salon at COM.

It was a challenge to enter a competitive, ever-changing field.

“I thought about dropping out of cosmetology. I was putting myself down and comparing myself to others. I thought that I was not meant for this field. Instructor Nickey Fowler encouraged me to stay in. She made me see the light,” said Randall. “I kept practicing and now I am where I am and I’m still practicing. You’re constantly learning.”

Randall also works as a full body wax specialist at European Wax Center and dabbles in body painting.

“I like making people feel beautiful. That makes my day too,” said Randall.

The COM Cosmetology Program prepares students for success in the field at a fraction of the cost of private institutions. With hands-on experience at the Salon at COM, students train for state exams and for jobs as independent or salon stylists. COM instructors with years of professional experience guide students in the classroom and salon. 

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