Dale Joseph Jr. races during Family Fitness Day at COM.

Jump rope, tug of war and relays entertained kids of all ages in College of the Mainland students’ first Family Fitness Day.

“My daughter has pre-diabetes. That was the main idea was to get her and other kids outside,” said Tim Williams, COM student and co-organizer.

Kids and parents played softball, tossed Frisbees and raced each other at the free event. Afterward, they enjoyed water, fruit and healthy snacks.

The project was part of COM students Psychology for Success class project, to find a way to help the community. Students selected something they were passionate about.

“We’re concerned about childhood obesity, so we’re here to make something so they can play outside instead of being inside,” said student Hugo Renovato.

Tiana Williams, 10, Tim Williams’ daughter, came to play sports with other children.

“My dad is always motivating someone. He motivated me to exercise. We go to the gym together and get on the bike and elliptical and we play basketball because that’s my favorite sport.”

Psychology for Success helps develop students’ soft skills needed to succeed in college and life, such as time management and teamwork, through community outreach projects that students plan.

“We watched the movie ‘Pay It Forward.’ Students had to think about a cause or topic where they can pay it forward,” said professor Stacey Henderson. “Students get very excited about their projects. They choose a topic, plan it and implement it.”

It pays off for students – and kids in the community.

“My best one was kickball,” said Latrivia Joseph, 8. “When I grow up I want to be a ballet dancer or I want to play football.”

For more information on Psychology for Success, email shenderson@com.edu.