Giselle Hewitt has dual roles – balancing accounts and paying bills as an accounting specialist and instilling a love of literature in students as a COM English instructor.

“I get a unique experience where I work with employees and with students. I see both sides,” said Giselle.

Giselle began her college education taking night classes as a high school student, transferred to a university, took a three-year break and later earned a bachelor’s and master’s in humanities.

“A community college encompasses students from all kinds of backgrounds,” said Giselle. “I have experience as a young college student and as a student coming back to college and can relate to students.”

Teaching English 1301, she guides students in writing their first college essays.

“Some students are ready and some struggle. It’s endearing to see them progress,” said Giselle.

She also likes incorporating literature from minority and nontraditional perspectives.

“One of the things I try is to foster a love for reading. I think it makes them better writers. Last year I incorporated the ‘Vampire Chronicles’ and I told my class I would write to author Anne Rice. She sent three autographed books for my class. To know they were holding a book signed by the author sparked their interest,” said Giselle.

In addition to working to help her students succeed, Giselle serves in the Financial Services Department.

"I can always depend on Giselle to follow the rules and to point out any possible issues that may need to be addressed. Giselle takes great pride in her job in Financial Services as well as her position as an adjunct instructor. She is an asset to COM in many ways," said Trudy Trochesset, COM controller.