Deftly switching between notes dramatic and playful, College of the Mainland piano student Greta Glasscock accompanied the Galveston Symphony Orchestra’s Feb. 19 performance.

She played the piano to accompany director Trond Saeverud's violin performance of Ernest Bloch’s “Nigun,” a Jewish melody.

“It’s fun sharing music and knowing that people enjoy what you do. Piano is typically a solo instrument. Accompanying takes you out of the solo mindset,” said Glasscock.

Glasscock also performed with the orchestra in Modest Mussorgsky’s “Pictures at an Exhibition." The piece has a part written for the celesta, a sort of upright piano with bell-like tones. Glasscock used a synthesizer to replicate its sound.

“It was a little bit of pressure to perform, but it was confirmation that I’m on the right track and I’ll only get better,” said Glasscock.

Glasscock, of Friendswood, plans a career as an accompanist and possibly composer.

“She’s a shining star in the music program,” said Sparky Koerner, COM music department chair.

COM professor Paul Boyd is Glasscock’s piano teacher.

“He’s taught me already so much about attention to detail, pedaling, fingering and all the details you might overlook when you look at a piece as a whole,” said Glasscock.

Glasscock is also a member of the COM a cappella group, Duck and Cover, and she earned a COM Foundation music scholarship, which covered much of her tuition.

“The scholarship helped a lot. I could work less,” said Glasscock, who practices piano at least two hours a day. “Music makes me happy. I like the expression that comes with it.”

The COM Music Program prepares students to pursue their passion, whether a career in music, transferring to a university or their own enjoyment. Students may select from six ensembles to further their skills.

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