From Word to Access, students turn to Cynthia Mickens for help in every aspect of the college experience.

Cynthia, who has a master’s in information technology, assists students in the Innovations Computer Lab with Microsoft Office, Accounting, Web Advisor, Blackboard and anything she can. Being the coordinator of Innovations, the Library Computer Lab and Instructional Assessment Lab, she fills in for absences, breaks and lunches when needed.

“Students come into the lab afraid of an assignment. They go out with a smile,” said Cynthia.

“I like calming students from the frustrations that technology can bring – We all have failures. You don’t quit. You shake it off and try again. You’ll do better the next time.”

“Student enjoy the free printing. In the Innovations Lab, we went through about four boxes of paper in the first week of school printing syllabi,” said Cynthia.

Constantly improving the lab, Cynthia and staff are working on adding two tables and computer monitors for study groups.

“Cynthia Mickens is dedicated to student success, a natural leader and an exceptional employee,” said Janis Cutaia, director of educational technology. “She organizes the Innovations Computer Lab, the Instructional Assessment Lab and the Library Computer Lab. She is a tower of strength to the departmental members and the students. Our entire department has respect and admiration for Ms. Mickens. Ms. Mickens makes work fun for me, departmental members, community members and most of all for our students.”