As classes take off, challenges often crop up. Here's how to find help in or outside of class. 

Finding classes – advising

Advisors can help you find a major, help you set up a schedule and learn how to manage your time.

“We’re students’ first stop for information about classes, transferring and careers,” said counselor Holly Bankston.

How to find: Call the advising office at 409-933-8379 to set up an appointment with your advisor.

Help with a class – professor’s office hours

Professors are your first resource if you have questions about a subject or assignment.

“The first thing I always tell my students is to come and see me.  I appreciate a student who takes the time to actually walk to my office and have a face-to-face conversation. The next step would be for a student to form a study group with others in the class. Use me as your first resource, use your class peers as your second resource and then use any and all college resource available to you.” – professor Lalanya Ennis

How to find: Look up a professor’s office hours in their syllabus given at the first class and call or visit them in their office.

Extra help with a class – tutoring

If you need extra help with a challenging subject, COM offers free tutoring. You can visit the Speaking, Reading and Writing Center for help with speeches, essays or reading assignments or the Math Tutoring Lab.

“We have a reading specialist who can give reading comprehension tips and strategies. If students just have a quick question, they can stop by or schedule an hour tutoring session. We also offer online tutoring for writing project,” said tutor Diana North.

COM also offers online tutoring through Net Tutoring at

How to find: View on-campus labs and tutoring hours at

Help for things outside class – counseling

Students juggle more than just studies. If jobs, relationships or other life events are making it hard to complete studies, students can turn to COM’s counselor.

“When something in their lives outside of class gets in the way of their studies, they can come to me for personal counseling. We also refer students to other local agencies that can assist them.” – counselor Holly Bankston  

How to find: Contact Holly Bankston at or 409-933-8520.