Quiyana CooperQuiyana Cooper

Susan Brown, of Dickinson, started as a makeup artist when she noticed that the same products looked different on different skin types.

“I wanted to find out why,” said Brown.

She enrolled in the nine-month College of the Mainland Esthetic Specialty Certificate Program. to explore skin care, facial treatments and more. A final project discussed the details of launching a small business, and she was hooked.

"After graduation, I started [a business] out of my house and it grew from there,” said Brown.

Now owner of Inner Beauty Esthetics in Seabrook, Brown offers facials, chemical peels, microdermabrasion and other treatments.

“I educate clients on their skin type and how much they should be exfoliating and what products can help them,” said Brown. “Anytime I can send someone out with a smile it makes my day.”

Since graduating, she’s learned about eyebrow micro-tattooing and other techniques.

“[Instructor] Nickey Fowler taught me that if I was always learning I’d never have a slow time. Those words replay in my head all the time,” said Brown.

While Brown worked in makeup industry, Qui’yana Cooper looking for a new career when she enrolled in the Esthetician Program while waitressing full time.

She first learned facials, skin treatments and waxing as a student working at the Salon at COM.

Right after getting her license, she worked at Massage Heights in Friendswood doing custom facials.

“We analyze the skin and see what the skin needs. If they are dehydrated, you can use a masque that hydrates. If it’s oily, we use less-oil-based products,” said Cooper.

She now is at European Wax in Kemah.

“Esthetics is really big on customer service. What can I do so this client leaves happy and wants to come back?” said Cooper. “I like to see reactions form people when they come off the table and feel refreshed. We work to help them maintain the result at home.”

She feels COM instructor Savannah Davis prepared her.

“With her owning her own business, she’ll tell you how to build a clientele,” said Cooper. “She’s very hands-on. She’ll push you. You’ll be overly prepared for the state exam. She really is going to change your life.”

For more on the COM Esthetician Program, visit www.com.edu/cosmetology.