Firefighters’ soot-coated helmets, jackets and boots await their next mission in the award-winning photo “Heroes” taken at the Santa Fe Fire Department.

Mary Anne Elliott, of Santa Fe, won first place in photography at the Texas City Art Festival for her photo at the first juried art show at the Galveston Art League Gallery’s location at 611 6th Street in Texas City.

“I get so excited about pictures. There’s a story behind every picture,” said Elliott.

The College of the Mainland 50 Plus Program art student requested permission to photograph at the Santa Fe Fire Department and later gifted it six pictures, now displayed there.

“I keep a camera in my purse all the time so if I see something, I can stop to take a picture,” said Elliott. “One day there was a complete rainbow. I stopped and took pictures."

Another time she went to the country to snap photographs of horses, donkeys and calves.

"I was so intent on taking pictures I didn’t know I was stepping in fire ants,” said Elliott.

Elliott also has two photos selected and currently displayed in the Student Art Exhibit in the COM Art Gallery. She has previously presented solo shows at Evelyn Meador Library and Freeman Memorial Library.  

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