Coming to College of the Mainland after several years out of college, Quincy Jones’ nemesis was not juggling two jobs and a full load of classes. For him, like many other students, the challenge was scoring high enough on the placement exam to enter college algebra, a required class.

Enter fast-track classes.

Traditionally, needing to take two extra preliminary classes could add as much as a year to his graduation timetable. However, eight-week classes, half the time of traditional 16-week classes, are helping him complete both consecutive courses in one semester.

“It’s a good way to get back on track,” said Jones.

Other students in the fast-track classes enjoy them as fast-paced refresher courses.

“I’ve been out of high school for a while, so my brain is a little fuzzy. I wanted to get a better grasp of math before I moved on,” said Steven Garza, a COM computer science major from Texas City.

Garza’s professor, Marilyn Larsen, explains concepts step-by-step, answers students’ questions and works one-on-one with students to ensure their success.

“It’s exactly the same material as in a 16-week class, just faster,” said Larsen. “It helps students save time and enter their major more quickly.”

Math is not the only course taught in the fast lane. Arthur Ouzenne, of Texas City, returned to college after several years and enrolled in both eight-week math and reading classes to speed his route to a degree.

“(Reading instructor Susan LeMaster) presented it where you could understand it,” said Ouzenne. I passed the class beyond what I thought I could.”

He also flew through fractions, percentages and geometry in Math 0305 with instructor Alan Bigos.

“Math was my weak subject, (but) he made himself available to you,” said Ouzenne.

He confidently states his strategy for thriving in two fast-track classes while working part-time.

“It’s just time management, but that’s with any class.”

For more information about fast-track classes or enrolling beginning April 8 for the summer session, visit or call 409-933-8264.