The SALUTE Veterans National Honor Society, the first higher education honor society solely for current or former military members, has inducted the COM Veterans Association as an official chapter. This allows members who meet SALUTE requirements to apply for recognition with SALUTE through the COM Veterans Association.
“Our membership in SALUTE shows COM’s commitment to improve services to our military men and women who have served our country,” said Derick Hutchinson, COM Veterans Association advisor.
To be eligible for SALUTE, student veterans must be currently serving in the U.S. military or have been discharged honorably, meet the minimum GPA requirement of 3.0 and be an active member and participate in community service through the COM Veterans Association.  
SALUTE offers four tiers of recognition to recognize veterans’ accomplishments, depending on a student’s GPA. Students may apply for a higher tier if subsequent grades qualify them to do so, which encourages students to continually strive for higher achievement.
“Many student veterans are used to excelling in the work they do,” said Hutchinson. “Becoming a member of a multi-tier honor society will give student veterans incentive to earn and maintain extraordinary GPAs by knowing they will be honored and recognized for their efforts.”

SALUTE stands for service, academics, leadership, unity, tribute and excellence. It was founded in 2009 through the ACE/Wal-Mart Success for Veterans Grant at Colorado State University.

For more information about either the COM Veterans Association or the SALUTE Veterans National Honor Society, contact Derick Hutchinson at