COM Campus Police Services

To contact the COM Police Department for any of these services, please dial 8403 from any phone.

Security Escorts

This service is provided for members of the campus community who desire a police escort from one area of the campus to another during hours of darkness and for employees in security-sensitive areas.

Transportation Assistance for Individuals with Disabilities

This service is for members of the college community who have a physical disability and require assistance in getting to campus locations. Courtesy transportation can be arranged with the COM Police Department by contacting the Special Services Office located in the Advisement/Counseling and Testing Center of the Student Center. For more information, call ext. 8124.

Emergency Messages

If you need to be contacted regarding a relative's injury, serious illness or death, the police will make every attempt to locate and advise you if the call is deemed a family medical emergency.

Motorist Assistance

Officers are glad to assist you if you have difficulty starting your vehicle or if you have locked your keys in your vehicle. All patrol vehicles are equipped with jumper cables to jump-start dead batteries and with tools to unlock vehicles with keys locked in them. COM Police Department will also call a tow truck or a locksmith should the need  arise.

Lost and Found

The lost and found is located in the COM Police Office. Articles turned in to the lost and found will be tagged and held for 30 days. After the 30-day period, items not claimed may be discarded or dispensed through local charitable organizations or clubs and organizations sponsored by the College. All students and/or staff who find articles are requested to turn them in to the COM Police Department Office located mid-campus near Parking Lot E. Items classified as contraband will not be returned.

First Aid

Should you require minor first aid, the Campus Police Department can provide you with basic first aid supplies.

Exterior Lighting

Proper and efficient lighting is part of COM's commitment to providing a safe and secure campus environment. All campus parking lots, walkways and building exteriors are well lit to ensure a safe environment. It is part of the Police Department's routine duties to survey lighting and report any deficiencies for correction. Members of the campus community are also encouraged to report any deficiencies or recommendations to the Police Department.

Building Security

The exterior doors on all campus buildings are locked and secured each evening by the Police Department. Checks are conducted on the building exteriors and interiors during the night hours. Doors and security hardware malfunctions and deficiencies are reported for correction.

Public Service Announcements

The Police Department disseminates noteworthy developments in crime and crime prevention information. Crime alert flyers are posted around campus.