Emergency Notification System

COM Alert is the overall program of contacting students and employees to notify of emergencies and important news from COM. The COM Alert system uses email, phone and text messages to send information. Information is entered automatically as part of registration and human resources activity. Click here to sign up, change or remove your contact information.

Sign Up

To Opt Out:

Use these insturctions to opt out:

  1. To opt out of only text message communications: Reply “STOP” to the COM Alert text message that was received. This will remove you from text message communications only.
  2. To opt out of only phone call communications: When you receive a COM Alert phone call from this phone number, (781) 373-9800, pick up the call and listen to the entire message. At the end of the message you will be prompted to press “1” to remove your phone number from receiving calls.
  3. To opt out of only email communications: Look at the bottom footer of your COM Alert email. Click the “unsubscribe here” link and follow the steps provided. This will remove you from email communications only.


COM periodically provides current students’ phone numbers and com.edu email addresses to the notification system for students’ convenience. All students must stop by the Office of Admissions and Records to update their contact information, which the Emergency Notification System will use.

College of the Mainland may occasionally send nonemergency notifications, only through email, to inform students of important dates, deadlines and class cancellations.

COM encourages students to actively use their com.edu email addresses to stay informed on the latest College news. For more information, visit www.com.edu/help-center.

Faculty and Staff

All faculty and staff are encouraged to notify the Human Resources Office of updates to their contact information.