The HESI A2 entrance exam is required for application to the RN and VN programs.

  • The HESI A2 exam is only available to COM Nursing applicants.
  • HESI Cost is $69.00 at the COM Testing Center.
  • Photo ID Required.

HESI A2 Information

The exam sections are designed for COM Nursing programs. COM HESI A2 transcripts may not transfer to another institution.

  • The exam consists of Reading Comprehension, Grammar, Math, Vocabulary, Anatomy & Physiology.
  • Vocational Nursing program ONLY = All Sections Except Anatomy & Physiology.
  • The HESI A2 has a time limit of 4 hours.
  • Testing Services allows two HESI A2 attempts per academic year.

Take the HESI A2 in the COM Testing Center

  1. Create your Evolve account.
  2. Schedule your on-campus appointment.

HESI A2 Transcript Information

  • Submit a HESI A2 Transcript Request Form if you want Testing Services to send a copy of your HESI A2 scores to the Nursing Department.
  • The transcript request form is for HESI A2 attempts that have been completed. Any requests for future dates will be discarded.
  • Transcripts must be submitted through Elsevier or from the COM Testing Center. HESI A2 scores from another institution must be submitted through Elsevier.
  • You may request to submit up to 3 transcripts per application period.

For more information, visit the Nursing Department’s frequently asked questions.