To enroll in dual credit classes, you must demonstrate that you are ready for college-level coursework. To be considered college-ready you must fulfill Texas Success Initiative (TSI) requirements by exemption or completion of the TSI Assessment (TSIA) 2.0.*

TSI Exemptions for Dual Credit

  Reading/writing math
ACT Composite 23, ENGL 19 Composite 23, MATH 19 
PSAT EBRW 460  MATH 510 
SAT EBRW 480  MATH 530
STARR 4000+ on ENGL II STARR EOC  4000+ Algebra I STAAR EOC AND passing grade in Algebra II course (high school)

Submitting Your Assessment Scores

To submit your assessment scores for review and processing you can either:

TSI Requirements for Dual Credit

TSI Complete-Reading/Writing 

A placement score of at least 945, and an essay score of at least a 5; OR 
A placement score of less than 945, and an ABE Diagnostic level of at least a 5-6, and an essay score of at least a 5. 

TSI Complete-Math 

950+ OR Less than 950 and Diagnostic of 6 

Non-Exempt Testing Information

If you do not meet one or more of the benchmark scores, you will need to complete the TSIA2.0.** All new to Dual Credit and/or Collegiate High School students may receive a voucher to off-set the costs of their first assessment. If necessary, students may retest; testing fees apply for each retest.

Testing Fees: 
• Complete Test - $29
• Individual Sections - $10