College of the Mainland has partnered with Safe Colleges to bring you training modules designed to keep you safe on campus and to help the college comply with federal legislation such as Title IX, Campus SaVE and more.


If you are a first time in college student, taking a trip with the college or a member of a club or organization on campus, you will be assigned training modules to complete online. These modules will contain the following subjects:

  • Alcohol and other drugs
  • Title IX Rights and Protections
  • Hazing Prevention: Misconceptions and Pitfalls
  • Sexual Violence Awareness (Campus SaVE Act)

If you are a first time in college student, you will receive an e-mail from College of the Mainland after the drop date that looks like this.

Screenshot of email from SafeColleges

Once you open the e-mail, click on the link to your training. Your username listed in the e-mail will be the first 5 digits of your student id number and your password will be your complete student id number. You can change your password once you log in. If you need help with your SafeColleges training, contact Kari Starz at