The Fire Technology Program consists of three areas of fire service training; Fire Academy, Fire Technology AAS degree, and Continuing Education courses. These programs are designed to build upon each other toward a career in the fire service.

The Fire Academy is the first semester of the AAS degree and provides the opportunity to receive Basic Fire Suppression certification with the Texas Commission on Fire Protection (TCFP) and 25 credit hours towards the Fire Technology AAS degree. Note: Completion of a TCFP approved Fire Academy is required in order to be a career firefighter in Texas.

Subsequent semesters in the AAS degree in Fire Technology include advanced courses that prepare firefighters for first level supervision in a fire department and provide the opportunity to obtain advanced certifications from the TCFP.

Continuing Education courses provide training opportunities for career and volunteer firefighters. A variety of courses are offered for career firefighters to obtain additional advanced certifications with the TCFP. A Professional Development course is available for students who need to complete CE hours required by the TCFP to maintain certification or to complete TCFP Skills Tests.

The State Firefighters and Fire Marshal’s Association (SFFMA) Firefighter I and Firefighter II courses are based on curriculum and skills for certification with SFFMA. A variety of weekend courses are available through the Summer Smoke program for veteran volunteer firefighters that are based of SFFMA curriculum.

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From a Student

“The academy put being in good shape back in my grasp. They gave me all the tools I need. No other job I’ve had has this camaraderie. I feel like I’m part of a brotherhood.”

-Justin Napoli, Texas City Fire Department