If you need a class that’s already full, you may be able to get on a waitlist to register if an opening becomes available. Waitlisting is a new option that lets you wait in line electronically for a seat in a full class.

Waitlist Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get on a waitlist?

You can add yourself to the waitlist through Navigate

Can I remove myself from a waitlist if I decide I do not want that section any longer?

Yes. You can add and remove yourself from the waitlist. It is the student’s responsibility to add or remove themselves from the waitlist.

Can I be on a waitlist for more than just one class?

Yes, you can add yourself to more than one waitlist for different classes

How often are students added to classes from a waitlist?

The system will check for open seats daily and add the next student on the waitlist as seats become available. Please check your fee statements for any changes.

Can I register in a particular class and add myself to a waitlist for another section of the same class?

No. The option for that class disappears from your selection list when you add yourself to a waitlist.

Can my advisor add me to a waitlist?

No. A student must add themselves to the waitlist through navigate.

Can I be added to a waitlist if I have a registration hold on my account?


Once I have put myself on a waitlist for a specific course, will I be able to see additional sections as they become available?

No. Once you put yourself on a waitlist for a specific course, that course and all corresponding sections are removed from your student planner. To see if additional sections are open, you will need to check the credit schedule here: https://selfserve.com.edu/Student/courses You then must remove yourself from the waitlist before you are able to register for an open section.