COM International Student Information Sheet

Maintaining F-1 Status

  • Students must maintain a full course load; students cannot drop below 12 credit hours. (The summer semester is optional.)
  • Students must not let their I-20 expire.
  • Students must keep passport valid and renew six months before its expiration.
  • Students must attend class or risk being withdrawn from the class.


  • Students must follow the major declared on I-20 or request a new I-20.
    • Students must make progress toward degree.
    • Students must maintain good grades or risk probation or suspension.

Change of Information

Students must notify the international student counselor within 10 days of changing:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Failure to notify within 10 days is a violation status.

Driver's License

Contact the international student counselor for more information.


  • Medical insurance coverage is required throughout enrollment at COM for all F-1 students. Insurance information is not required until after a student has been accepted and enrolled. COM will provide a list of insurance companies that provide insurance coverage specifically for international students. If a student is already insured, proof of coverage should be submitted at time of registration.
  • Contact the international student counselor for information on insurance agencies.


View a list of available scholarships on the COM Foundation website.

Leaving the Country

See the international student counselor before leaving.

Forms needed:

  • I-20 signed by DSO
  • I-94 card
  • Passport
  • Transcripts
  • Letter from international student counselor

Upon returning, notify the international student counselor.

Campus Services

More information

For more questions or more information, contact the international student counselor:

Office of Admissions and Records
888-258-8859 ext. 8653