Apartments in the area

For your convenience, this page lists apartments within walking distance to the College. This list was compiled from various resources. We cannot guarantee that all of the information herein is accurate. Please contact each apartment office for current pricing and availability.

Renting an apartment

When renting an apartment, the renter is usually responsible for utilities such as electricity. Some apartments provide assistance with contacting an electricity provider and to help you get power turned on when you move into the apartment. Some of apartments come with washer/dryer connections, microwaves, ceiling fans, pools, clubhouses and many other amenities. It is the renter's responsibility to contact these apartments for more information on utilities, amenities, deposits, fees, refunds and pricing.

Apartment Listing

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Hotel Listing

The following hotels are near to the College and listed here for your convenience:

More information

The following links to apartment search websites are provided for your convenience: