Drop a Course in Student Planning

Who can drop a class?

  • Credit students may drop classes.
  • Dual Credit and Collegiate High School students must first meet with their program advisor to drop any class.

Can any class be dropped?

  • Any college level class can be dropped by the student. Dropping a class after a certain date will affect the 6 drop rule and financial aid, so we recommend speaking with an advisor before dropping a class to receive guidance.
  • Developmental classes cannot be dropped without first meeting with an academic advisor.

When can a class be dropped?

  • A class can be dropped through your student planner before the begin date. Once a class has started, you must either meet with an advisor or go to the admissions department.

How do you drop a class in Student Planner?

  1. Log into WebAdvisor
  2. Select and open Student Planning.
  3. Select Go to Plan & Schedule in Student Planning.
  4. Click the drop button to delete the class or classes you wish to drop.
  5. Confirm and update your choice.