Report an Incident

The dean of students is a resource for faculty or staff for consulting with students on issues relating to the Student Handbook as well as other procedures outlined by the Student Guide to General College of the Mainland Policies and Rules.

Please don't hesitate to contact our office.

Conduct Issues

You have the right to ask a student to discontinue any behavior that interferes with the learning environment in your classroom. If the student refuses to comply, you may ask them to be excused from the classroom at that time.

Scholastic Dishonesty

For scholastic dishonesty cases, please attach a copy of the syllabus, any additional information about the specific assignment or exam in question, and any additional information you provide students about the academic integrity rules as they apply to your class. You can upload the information on the incident reporting form.

How do I file an incident report of an alleged Code of Conduct violation?

Incidents of an alleged violation of the Code of Conduct are reported to the dean of students through an online incident report.

What happens after I submit the incident report?

The dean of students will review the alleged conduct or scholastic integrity incident, send a notification to the student informing them of the misconduct, and require them to meet with staff.


To Report a Threat

College of the Mainland seeks to foster a climate of safety that requires the involvement of all community members. To facilitate this process, all faculty, staff, students, and other community members are encouraged to report observed behavior that warrants concern for the safety of the community and/or the safety of an individual. The Threat Assessment Team (TAT) reviews reports and gathers information to make the most informed decisions about how best to intervene.

To report a threat, please call the Campus Police Department at 409-933-8599 (emergency) or 409-933-8403 (non-emergency). On Campus phones dial extension 599 (emergency) or 403 (non-emergency).