If a student drops during any of the refund periods, the student still has to pay the $45.00 nonrefundable processing fee. If the student does not pay the $45.00 fee, a hold will be placed on the student’s record. A hold will prohibit the student from receiving grades, future registration at COM or the release of student records for any purpose.

**Please note, beginning Fall 2024, the $45.00 processing fee will no longer be assessed.

Refunds are calculated according to the number of semester days as directed by state law. Notice class days indicated below refer to semester class days.

Students who drop classes within the semester or officially withdraw from the college will have their refundable tuition and mandatory fees refunded according to the following schedule.

Drop/Withdrawal Schedule

Texas Administrative Code (Title 19, § 21.5)

Length of Class Term in Weeks Last day for 70 percent refund Last day for 25 percent refund
2 or less 2nd class day n/a
3 3rd class day 4th class day
4 4th class day 5th class day
5 5th class day 6th class day
6 5th class day 7th class day
7 7th class day 9th class day
8 8th class day 10th class day
9 9th class day 11th class day
10 9th class day 12th class day
11 10th class day 14th class day
12 12th class day 15th class day
13 13th class day 16th class day
14 13th class day 17th class day
15 14th class day 19th class day
16 15th class day 20th class day

This information can also be found in the College Catalog

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