CIP Award Type Awards
110101 AS AS Computer Science
110201 OSA SQL Server Database Fundamentals Occupational Skills Award
110201 CERT1 Programming Certificate
110801 AAS AAS Graphic Design/Web Design
110801 CERT1 Graphic Design Certificate
110801 CERT1 Web Design Certificate
110901 OSA Networking Fundamentals Occupational Skills Award
110901 CERT1 Networking Certificate
111003 AAS AAS Information Technology - Cloud Computing
111003 AAS AAS Information Technology - Cybersecurity
111003 CERT1 Information Technology - Cybersecurity Certificate
111003 OSA Information Technology - Cybersecurity Fundamentals Occupational Skills Award
120401 OSA Barber To Cosmetology Crossover Occupational Skills Award
120401 CERT1 Cosmetology Operator Certificate
120401 CERT1 Cosmetology Operator (High School Sequence) Certificate
120402 CERT1 Barbering Certificate
120409 CERT1 Esthetic Specialty Certificate
120413 AAS AAS Cosmetology Instructor
120413 CERT1 Cosmetology Instructor Certificate
131203 AAT AAT Leading to Initial Texas Teacher Certification 4 - 8, EC-12 Special Education
131205 AAT AAT Leading to Initial Texas Teacher Certification 8-12, EC-12, Other Than Special Education
131210 AAT AAT Leading to Initial Texas Teacher Certification EC-6
140101 AS AS Engineering
140701 AS AS Chemical Engineering
150701 AAS AAS Occupational Safety And Health Technology
150701 CERT1 Occupational Safety And Health Technology Certificate
230101 AA AA English
240102 AA AA General Studies
270101 AS AS Mathematics
301801 AS AS Natural Science
410301 AAS AAS Petrochemical Process Technology
430104 AA AA Criminal Justice
430104 AAS AAS Criminal Justice
430107 CERT1 Basic Peace Officer Academy Certificate
430201 AAS AAS Fire Technology
430201 CERT3 Fire EMT Basic Enhanced Skills Certificate
430201 CERT1 Fire Officer Certificate
430203 CERT1 Fire Academy Certificate
480508 AAS AAS Welding Technology
480508 CERT1 Advanced Level Welding Certificate
480508 CERT1 Entry Level Welding Certificate
500501 AA AA Theatre - Performance Track
500501 AA AA Theatre - Technical Track
500702 AA AA Visual Arts
500901 AA AA Music
510707 AAS AAS Health Information Management
510713 CERT2 Medical Coding Certificate
510801 AAS AAS Medical Assisting
510801 CERT2 Medical Assisting Certificate
510805 AAS AAS Pharmacy Technician
510805 CERT1 Pharmacy Technician Certificate
510911 AAS Radiologic Technology
510904 CERT1 Advanced Emergency Medical Technician Certificate
510904 CERT1 Paramedic Certificate
510904 OSA Basic Emergency Medical Technician (Dual Credit Only)
513801 AAS AAS Nursing (Pre-Licensure Track)
513801 AAS AAS Nursing (LVN-RN Transition)
513801 BS BS RN to Bachelor of Science Nursing
513901 CERT2 Vocational Nursing Certificate
520101 AA AA Business
520201 AAS AAS Business Administration - Entrepreneurship
520201 AAS AAS Business Administration - Management
520201 AAS AAS Business Administration - Marketing
520201 CERT1 Entrepreneurship Certificate
520201 CERT1 Management Certificate
520201 CERT1 Marketing Certificate
520301 AAS AAS Accounting
520301 CERT1 Professional Bookkeeper Certificate