Health Information Management

They are the invisible backbone of the health care system – health information management technicians perform a variety of functions, such as organizing, analyzing, coding and managing patients’ information. These functions are important for reimbursement, complete and accurate records, quality improvement, research and decision making.

A rapidly growing field, health information management is perfect for those who thrive on detail, accuracy and helping others.

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Medical Assisting

Often the first friendly face seen by patients, medical assistants guide patients throughout a clinic or hospital visit.

Taking vital signs, helping complete paperwork, recording patients’ symptoms and administering medication are among their varied roles.

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Pharmacy Technology

Pharmacy technicians form an integral part of patient care. They measure, label, mix and dispense prescription medication while working under licensed pharmacists. With the patient’s health and medication safety in mind, successful pharmacy technicians must be accurate, precise and detailed, while treating patients with compassion and empathy.

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Radiologic Technology

A radiographer is a healthcare professional who takes images of the human body and assists physicians known as radiologists in interpreting the images to make a diagnosis of the patient’s condition. Radiographers may be employed in hospitals, clinics, urgent care centers, mobile radiographic units, and surgery centers.

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