Grant Writing Overview

Supporting Students, Funding Futures

The goal of grant development at College of the Mainland is to increase grant funding that supports the college’s mission and strategic plan.

We work with faculty, staff and administrators to develop proposals on issues such as student success and retention, increased graduation and transfer rates, faculty professional development and enhanced community connections.

We work with the COM community throughout the grant writing process by supporting efforts to

  • identify funding sources,
  • develop program designs,
  • write grant proposals,
  • secure institutional approvals, and
  • submit grant applications.

The COM Grant Proposal Process

To ensure that COM submits high quality, financially sound proposals that reflect the mission, plans and priorities of the College, we ask that all applications for external funding be approved by the President’s Cabinet.

We ask that you

  • Consult with your department dean and/or VP and get their signature on the Grant Review and Approval Form (GRAF).
  • Submit the form to the grants development officer to put before President’s Cabinet.
  • If approved, work with the grants development officer on a proposal submission plan (ie, who writes which sections, gets letters of approval, gathers data).
  • Submit the final draft to the grants development officer, who will obtain the president’s signature and submit the proposal to the funder.

For all grants, the grants development officer can assist you with developing a plan to complete your proposal. In general, however, the grants development officer devotes most of her time to project development and writing significant institutional grants aligned with college priorities. On smaller grants, the grants development officer typically provides editing, budget assistance and proposal submission preparation.

Regardless of which category your idea or proposal falls under, you should contact the grants development officer as early as possible (i.e., three to four months in advance) for assistance with your proposal development plan.

Download Grant Review and Approval Form (GRAF)

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