COM Conference Center

The COM Conference Center provides a smart multi-purpose space for the college and the community. Activities include:

Educational conferences, workshops, trainings, demonstrations and lectures.

Business and industrial meetings, conferences, training and presentations.

Community and service organizations meetings and events.

Media Services & Equipment


  • Assisting and training with the equipment operation
  • Conference Center Technology support
  • Equipment setup
  • Managing sound and presentation equipment
  • Providing media resources and tools
  • Wireless internet connection


  • 13.5' projection screens with HD projection
  • Audio connections for music playback
  • Blu-ray player
  • Laptop for podium use
  • Podium with HDMI connection
  • Wireless handheld and lapel microphones
  • XLR audio outputs

Meeting Spaces & Capabilities

Large Conference Center

Large Conference Center photo

Square Feet


Seating Layout & Capacity

Theater Seating 540
Round Tables 315


1–8 Hours $700
Additional Hours $100 each
Catering Prep Area $50 per event

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Rooms 135A, 135B or 135C

Single divided conference space.

Square Feet


Seating Layout & Capacity

Theater Seating 180
Round Tables 105
U-Shaped 30


1–8 Hours $250
Additional Hours $35 each
Catering Prep Area $50 per event

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Small Conference Room

Corporate meeting room.

Square Feet


Seating Layout & Capacity

Single Table 10


1–4 Hours $75
5–8 Hours $100
Additional Hours $20 each
Catering Prep Area $50 per event

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Booking the Conference Center

Terms and Conditions


The College will determine security requirements appropriate for the event. Organization shall be required to comply with the security requirements and pay for the cost of security.


A refundable deposit in the amount of $250 is required to secure a reservation.

Insurance Requirements

College of the Mainland is pleased to provide access to our facilities for outside groups and individuals to conduct events on our campus. As a public entity, COM is generally protected from liability by sovereign immunity; however, there are limited situations when the College may be exposed to greater risk and requires outside groups or individuals to obtain insurance covering their event.

College of the Mainland understands that not all events carry the same risk. We are happy to work with you and your group, to the greatest extent possible, to make our facilities available for your event. While the College has sole discretion in determining the need for outside groups or individuals to provide proof of insurance for an event, the following is a general statement regarding our practice.

Insurance in the appropriate amounts will be required for any event that is considered high-risk to the College. This includes, but is not limited to, rental of campus recreational facilities or other outdoor pursuit activities. Insurance will also be required for all events during which alcohol will be served as well as events where the third-party user will be bringing in exhibitors or vendors. Meetings, luncheons, and weddings (without alcohol) will ordinarily not require proof of insurance. School districts and government agencies may self-insure.

There are times when a group or person does not have insurance coverage. In such cases where the College determines the use of the facility for a special event requires insurance, the College has access to the URMIA Tenants and Users Liability Insurance Program or TULIP. This program allows third party groups to purchase insurance directly for specific functions to be held on campus. It is designed to provide low cost general liability insurance/accident medical coverage to third party users of the College’s facilities. In turn, it protects the College by naming COM as an additional insured.

For information on this program, please visit:

  1. Scroll down until you see Planning an Event?
  2. Click on Get a Free Quote
  3. Enter the facility ID code for College of the Mainland: 5074-000
  4. Complete the first three steps of the form to obtain a quote.
  5. If you are ready to purchase coverage, please complete the application and pay with a credit card.

If further assistance is required please contact the TULIP help desk at 800-507-8414 Monday through Friday between 5:30 A.M. and 5:00 P.M. Pacific Time.