Free Training

Industrial Health and Safety


Spring 2020

  • 5/29, 10am - 12pm, Legal Aspects of Safety and Effective Communication in Legal Proceedings , Center for Risk Management- This course will discuss two primary types of legal claims that affect all safety professionals – regulatory claims, such as OSHA, and litigation claims that stem from an accident or injury. Additionally, the course will address who and what can be sued. The instructor will provide a legal primer on liability issues so that attendees know how to address legal claims in their careers and how to evaluate risks as to who and what can be sued. Moreover, using actual and practical examples, the course will address how to effectively communicate as a safety professional in legal proceedings, such as in depositions or hearings or trials.This class is taught by Matthew Deffebach. Contact:, 409-933-8365. Registration form. Sponsored by Texas Mutual Insurance.

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