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Industrial Health and Safety


Fall 2020 Classes

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

8:00 am - 12:00 pm (Virtual Meeting - Microsoft Teams)

Multiple Dimensions of Hazards and Hazard Control Needs, Center for Risk Management -This course covers the different dimensions of hazards from conditions (working environment) to possible equipment/device failures (tools and other resources) to processes (operating procedures, checklists and more) to unsafe behaviors (states of mind, human factors and more) to possible real-time hazards and threats (other people, weather conditions, germs and more). In understanding each type of hazard, both stagnant (unchanging) to dynamic (constantly changing in real time), hazard control needs for each such as regulatory compliance, policies and procedures, training, Job Safety Analyses, inspections, observations, situational awareness and more, often used simultaneously to prevent and mitigate harm will also be addressed.This class is taught by Cory Worden. Instructor bio here. Contact:, 409-933-8365. Registration form. Sponsored by Texas Mutual Insurance council. Cost: Free

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