Nursing Coronavirus FAQs


Due to the Covid-19 situation, will the HESI A2 be waived?
The HESI A2 requirement will not be waived. Our COM Testing Center is working closely with Elsevier to proctor the exam remotely. We encourage you to continue to monitor COM Testing Center website for updates.
Will the application deadline be extended since there are currently no colleges or testing centers offering the HESI A2 exam?
We encourage you to continue to monitor our Nursing program’s websites for any updates on application deadlines.
I have not been able to be certified through the American Heart Association for the Basic Life Support course, which is also a requirement for your Nursing program. Can we take the online course and/or will there be any exceptions made to the requirement?
Unfortunately, we cannot accept the online CPR courses. We encourage you to continue to monitor our Nursing program’s websites for any updates regarding requirements.
Can we request and submit an old HESI A2 score?
HESI A2 scores cannot be over 3 years old.
Will there be a program offered for Fall semester, or has it been cancelled due to Covid-19?
Fall 2020 didactic instruction will be delivered online. Fall 2020 clinical courses may be delivered online and/or face to face. Please check your COM email for updates regarding clinical rotation statuses.
Are there any changes to the application process?
The application process has not changed. Please continue to monitor our website for any updates on the application deadline.

Current Nursing Students

Are there any updates regarding the current practice of Nursing students regarding course withdrawals?
Students who wish to withdraw from this semester may e-mail their instructor. The instructor will then notify Nursing staff, who will prepare the paperwork to get the student withdrawn by “W” Day.
Due to COVID-19 and the change to virtual learning, will this readmission application requirement remain in place for the next semester for those Nursing students who drop or withdraw this semester?
Students must follow the readmission application process as outlined in the current Nursing Student Handbook that can be found on the Nursing website. There have been no revisions made to this process in response to COVID-19.

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