Humanities Department


The Humanities Department will contribute to the college community’s broad understanding and informed appreciation of the humanities, including the rhetorical arts, literature, modern languages and philosophy.


In concert with the vision and philosophy of College of the Mainland, the Humanities Department will:

  • Offer students quality education in English, speech, modern languages, humanities and philosophy.
  • Help students improve reading, writing, speaking, listening and critical thinking skills.
  • Provide students with the opportunity to develop their abilities “to use computer-based technology in communicating, solving problems and acquiring information” (Co-Board).

Recent Humanities Articles

Concerned Alums form ‘Adopt a Gator’ Scholarship Fund

Oct 17, 2017

Four Dickinson High School 1989 graduates put their Gator spirit to work in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, joining forces to create and promote a scholarship fund specifically for current Dickinson high school students to attend College of the Mainland, either through the Collegiate High School are as entering students next year.

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Pop culture in the classroom

Apr 04, 2017

Step aside, textbooks. In some College of the Mainland classes, students learn not just from books and PowerPoints, but with a dash of movies, music and more.

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