After Harvey: Frequently Asked Questions

When do COM's classes start?
Classes start at COM on Monday, Sept. 11, but staff returns on Sept. 5 to help students with registration, advising and payment arrangements. The gym, library, and the child care center will be open starting on Sept. 5 as well.
Can I still register?
Yes, you can register starting on Tuesday, Sept. 5, in the Enrollment Center. Registration will be open until 7 p.m. on Tuesday, and until 5 p.m. Wednesday to Friday.
Have payment deadlines changed?
Yes. For registered students who have already made an initial payment, their second installment will not be deducted until Oct. 5, and the last payment will be deducted on Nov. 6.
How will I be able to make up lost class time?
Faculty are working to design class assignments and online options for students to make up the lost class time.
When will online classes begin?
Online classes will begin on Sept. 11.
When will financial aid checks be disbursed?
The timing of financial aid checks will be based on the new census day. Refunds will be dispersed two weeks after the new census date.
Will the semester be extended, if so, what are the dates?
The semester dates will not be extended, but the dates of the eight-week courses will be adjusted slightly. Please contact your advisor for more information.
If I drop a class, will that impact my financial aid?
Yes, if you drop a class, your financial aid may be impacted. Before you drop a class, please be sure to check with your financial aid counselor.
Will dropping a class due to Hurricane Harvey count towards the six-drop rule?
No, dropping a class to due to the impact of Harvey will not count toward the six-drop rule.

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